"Frequent Your Highest Frequency"

In today's action oriented society, the pressure "to do" is emphasized so much more than the value of "being." Understand that stopping the outer activity and slowing the minds endless stream of chatter provides for fresh insight and revelation to occur. Furthermore, a thought holds an energetic frequency of its own. Increase your awareness about the type of thoughts you are circulating. This is very important as far as what you are attracting into your experience. One of the simplest but most powerful methods of opening, activating and cleansing energetic blockages is through meditation.
Focused intention. Rapid results

Breathe Amsterdam, @ Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam


Sound Frequency

A sound frequency meditation is a therapeutic meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in soothing sound frequencies. 

Meditation Fundamentals Course

This is a detailed meditation course providing the tools to achieve a Quantum Leap on your life path of self discovery! 
Please check calendar for course availability or call for more info.

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