Virginia Ray

Meditation & Sound Instructor
Past Life Regression Teacher

When I made the decision to meditate daily, my life changed. It brought a new awareness into my life. I did not know how detached I was from life, until I reconnected. I was in a bubble of autopilot, doing what I was supposed to be doing, acting happy, and pretending. Actually, I had lost myself, being who I thought I was supposed to be, rather than true to myself. I took classes, read books, did the self help things that we are told to do. I was doing the work, but not experiencing it. Not letting it happen; I was trying to make it happen. Meditation taught me to become the observer, detaching from thoughts, and limiting beliefs. Now I don’t judge others, or myself. I speak my truth and enjoy life as it is, rather than how I think it should be. I am happier and healthier and more engaged as a result of this practice. Now I spend my time helping others in the same way. Over the years I have added Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls, and Yoga Nidra (a deep, restorative sleep meditation). Many people comment on a quality of peace they feel after a session. They feel safe, connected and content. It reduced their stress and anxiety, improved sleep and allowed them a new outlook on life. For me, the best outcome from my practice, I found new ways to respond in life, rather than going through the motions and not having the true experience of living. Now I enjoy all of it – as it is – without judgment. My professional credentials include; 2023 AMRIT Yoga Therapy Certified, Scottsdale, AZ (40 hr) 2022 I AM Yoga Nidra Certified, Scottsdale, AZ (140 hr) 2019 Sound Practitioner, Scottsdale, AZ (40 hr) 2017 Meditation Teacher Certification, Rishikesh, India (300 hr) 2016 Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, McLean Meditation Academy (250 hr) 2015 MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Training (90 hr) 1995 IBRT (American Board Regression Therapy) Certified Regression Therapist Offerings include; private or group instruction, workshops and classes, including Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation classes. Schedule a session and you too can improve your life—one breath at a time. Classes are available virtually and in person.

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